Paver Sealing Companies Near Me

Concrete Driveway Sealing Companies Near Me
Concrete Driveway Sealing Companies Near Me

What You Should Know When Choosing Paver Sealing Companies Near Me?

When sealing your pavers, it’s important that you choose the right company to do the job. Not all sealers are created equal, and not all companies know how to properly seal pavers. Here are a few things you should look for when choosing a paver sealing companies near me:

1-Does the paver sealing company have a strong and varied knowledge of pavers?

Different types of pavers require different sealers. For example, most travertine is not fully sealed by asphalt impregnators, and if treated with an asphalt impregnator it will fail due to oxidation within two years. Marble paver sealants usually contain water which can cause discoloration on certain types of marble as well as prematurely break down the binder in some pavers.

Paver Sealing Companies  Near Me
Paver Sealing Companies

2-Do they offer warranties for their work? If so, how long is it?

The standard warranty for quality paver sealers should be at least 5 years (some even go up to 10 and 15 years). Look for a warranty that includes cleaning and maintenance along with the sealer itself. Always check for a warranty on labor as well, as this can save you from added expense if something goes wrong later on.

3-What kind of prep work is required to properly prepare your pavers?

Many companies will try to cut corners and skip steps that are necessary in order to guarantee a quality job. Make sure the company not only asks what type of pavers you have but also what kind of mortar or adhesives were used – some sealers actually advise against sealing pavers with certain types of adhesives so make sure they know exactly what’s been done before. Skipping these steps can cause discoloration and staining down the road, voiding any warranties that may be offered.

4-How do they apply the sealer? Are there any procedures that should be avoided to prevent issues from arising later on?

Different paver types and adhesives require different application procedures, so make sure the company knows exactly what has been done before treating your pavers. Applying a sealer without proper knowledge of these procedures can result in problems down the road. For example, applying a penetrating sealer on top of an adhesive will not only fail to penetrate into the joint between pavers but it’ll also leave you exposed if water penetrates under this barrier (which it almost always does) resulting in staining and discoloration. Make sure they know how your paver joints were created before sealing them!

Paver Sealing Companies Near Me
Paver Sealing Companies

5-Is there anything special done with your walkways to ensure that they remain as stain-free as possible?

Certain cleaning procedures may actually cause damage or staining on unfinished pavers, so make sure the company asks about them before doing a surface clean. This includes acid etching and other types of surface treatments.

6-What kind of warranty do they provide for other types of pavers such as sandstone and limestone?

Make sure any other pavers you have will also be protected by a strong, 5+ year warranty no matter what type they are! If the sealer fails, it should never fail on all your paver surfaces within this time frame- if it does, the quality is probably not very good, to begin with.

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