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Why Seal Pavers? The Top 5 Benefits of Patio Paver Sealing

You might not have known that patio paver sealing is a great way to protect them from UV rays, stains, and other environmental factors. It can also help your pavers look good as new for years to come! There are tons of reasons to seal your pavers-here are 5 of the best ones.

Sealing your paver patio is a great way to protect it against UV rays, stains, environmental factors, and other dangers that could lead to damage over time. Read on for 5 reasons why now’s the right time to seal your patio!

  1. Protect against UV Rays  – One main reason to consider sealing your patio pavers is that it protects them from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays, which are known for having an aging effect on surfaces. Sunlight can fade the surface color of your paving stones over time while also weakening their structural integrity. By protecting them with a sealer you won’t have to worry about these effects-saving your money in the long run by not needing to replace unsightly or damaged pavers!
  2. Prevent Stains  – Protecting your masonry surfaces with sealant gives water another layer of protection on top of the masonry itself, virtually preventing any infiltration into a porous material that could cause staining. Before sealing, water can infiltrate paver surfaces and stain them with various salts or other deposits which are harder to remove.

    Patio Paver Sealing
    Patio Paver Sealing
  3. Extend Paver’s Lifespan – Sealants help extend paver’s lifespan because it helps prevent weathering that could otherwise degrade them over time. For instance, by protecting your paving stones against UV rays you’re limiting exposure to one of the main elements that lead to wear-and-tear damage. As another example, black stains on concrete pavers, an unfortunately common problem caused by surface oxidation (a process in which oxygen interacts with concrete surfaces), can be prevented through sealant application.
  4. Enhance Aesthetic Appearance  – Another benefit offered by sealing your pavers is enhanced aesthetic appearance because it brings out their colors. This is because sealant fills in any microscopic pores on the surface, giving a more even look overall. It also brings out richer tones and darker hues which can give your pavers a fresh new look!
  5. Enhance Performance – The last benefit of patio paver sealing is that it enhances performance giving you an easier time maintaining them or cleaning them after use! For instance, if you’ve got stains from oil or fuel on your pavers they will be much easier to deal with when they’re sealed because water won’t infiltrate the paver surface and spread around such contaminants over time as it would otherwise (causing staining). Another example of this comes in the form of pavers strength. When pavers are sealed they become less permeable to chemicals and oils, making them much more protective than unsealed pavers which can be damaged by certain substances.
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