You may have heard of several popular paver cleaning and sealing products, such as EffloRemover, Seal ‘n Lock, and EffloClean. But which one should you use? Read on to find out what these products can do for you. These products are safe for concrete, brick, and terracotta pavers, and they are also effective at removing milky white stains. Additional info.


An EffloRemover local pavers cleaning and sealing service can eliminate efflorescence, a green and environmentally-friendly product that causes a chalky appearance on brick pavers. Efflorescence is a result of natural salts in the paver’s surface. Its use is not only beneficial for your home and the environment, but is also effective in removing efflorescence and rust.

Seal ‘n Lock

If you’re considering a sealer for your paver driveway, consider using a solution containing a nanotechnology sealer. This product locks out moisture and prevents mold and mildew from growing on your pavers. It also prevents rust and efflorescence by penetrating under the building material. But before you choose a solution, consider what kind of paver you have.

The process of applying SNL is easy and quick. Since the product is applied in two coats, it’s easier to apply than other sealers. Additionally, contractors are encouraged to walk on the product between each coat, which prevents the sealer from pooling in low spots, which causes pavers to appear darker. For your paver cleaning and sealing project, consider hiring a company that offers a free estimate.


If you are in the market for paver cleaning and sealing, you can trust the experts at Surface Resto. Pavers require little maintenance but require periodic sealing to avoid fading. Without sealing, untreated pavers are more prone to weed growth in the joints and fade due to UV breakdown and weathering. Sealing prevents this by creating a protective coating over the cement, making them water-repellent and weatherproof.

EffloClean local pavers cleaning and sealing is an excellent choice for restoring a cracked or aged surface. The company uses state-of-the-art compounds to ensure paver durability and color. Their three Seal ‘n Lock products include Natural Luster, Super Wet, and EffloRemover. Natural Luster is environmentally-friendly, while Super Wet provides a glossy finish. EffloRemover is a non-toxic organic acid that is eco-friendly and removes efflorescence and rust.

EffloRemover Plus

Efflorescence is a problem most people have to deal with in their landscaping. It can appear on brick pavers and rust. This easy-to-use and environmentally friendly product is an excellent solution to this problem. The product is available in a 5 gallon pail and is highly effective at removing efflorescence. Its formula is safe for pavers and is easy to use.

EffloClean Plus

You can use EffloClean Plus for your paver cleaning and sealing process to ensure that your paver surfaces are clean and free from stains and efflorescence. Without efflorescence, paint will not adhere to the surface. The efflorescence cleaner will etch the paver surface to enable the sealer to bond better to the surface. EffloClean Plus is highly recommended for preparing paver surfaces for sealing.

The EffloClean Plus for the cleaning and sealing process has been proven to eliminate the risk of staining and discoloration. Because pavers are porous, moisture will seep into the soil below and come out of the stone. This makes pavers appear dirty and unattractive. In addition to stains and discoloration, pavers are also susceptible to acid rain, extreme temperature changes, and organic growth. Left untreated, your pavers will become slippery and unsightly. Browse next article.