A Buyer’s Market in Coleman Park, Palm Beach FL

If you are looking for a place to live in West Palm Beach, Florida, you might consider the neighborhood of Coleman Park. This historic neighborhood is home to many people and once boasted a pineapple farm. Despite this history, it has had a few problems, including crime. The recent crime in the area makes it a buyer’s market. Read on to learn more about the neighborhood and find out what you should expect when buying a home in this area. A great post to read.

Coleman Park is a former pineapple farm

The northwest area of Palm Beach County is home to the historic Coleman Park neighborhood. This former pineapple farm is located from Second Street to 11th Street between Tamarind Avenue and Rosemary Avenue. The neighborhood was developed between 1915 and 1941. Coleman Park is the result of the merging of Tamarind and Lincoln Park neighborhoods. It stretches from Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard up to 23rd Street, from the Florida East Coast Railway to CSX Transportation tracks.

The Coleman Park neighborhood has been undergoing major revitalization. It is home to the baseball stars Jackie Robinson, Hank Aaron, Satchel Paige, Don Newcombe, and Roy Campanella. The community also features a field where Josh Gibson, who never played Major League Baseball, hit a home run. While the neighborhood still has some concerns, the revitalization plan includes job training and community involvement. Discover more about Palm Beach, FL.

It has a rich history

Coleman Park in West Palm Beach FL was once a quiet neighborhood. In segregated West Palm Beach, there were a number of black families who settled here. Many of those original homes still stand today. African-Americans were among the first to move to Palm Beach in the late 1800s and provided labor to build the Breakers resort. Today, many of these people are part of the local community and enjoy the rich history of Coleman Park.

While many residents of the neighborhood are relocating to new developments, others fear the loss of their long-time home. Some residents worry about affordability and the potential for gentrification, but others are optimistic about the revitalization efforts. A $20,000 grant from the Truist Foundation is just one of the key elements of this revitalization effort. The neighborhood is set to undergo a sustained effort over the next three years.

It has a recent history of crime

There is a history of crime in Coleman Park, a former segregated community in Palm Beach FL. Many of the original 1920s homes still stand in Coleman Park, but the neighborhood has seen its share of trouble in recent years. The neighborhood was settled by African-Americans in the late 1800s, when they helped build the Breakers resort. Despite the recent crime reports, residents remain hopeful that the community will turn around.

While it is difficult to pinpoint a single crime act in the city, the history of violence is consistent with that of many other areas in the country. West Palm Beach, Florida, is about 70 miles north of Miami, and the city has long been the winter playground of the rich. Coleman Park, a predominantly African-American neighborhood, is located in West Palm Beach. For decades, workers and the rich have commuted to and from Coleman Park. Mayor Muoio is a native New Yorker, and is a strong proponent of crime control in the area.

It is a buyer’s market

Although West Palm Beach announced that they would sell 60 homes in Coleman Park, only three have closed so far. While the city has invested $3 million in this revitalization project, many of the vacant lots and manufactured homes still sit empty. According to Skip McDonough, president of Family Mortgage in Jupiter, the bank’s appraisals of Coleman Park homes are fairly generous and realistic. However, if you’re thinking about buying a home in the neighborhood, you’ll have to pay more.

In the past week, the local real estate market saw a number of high-end sales. A waterfront property on Everglades Island sold for more than $110 million, including commissions. The sale marked the highest-priced single-family home sale in Palm Beach County. Another waterfront estate sold for $40 million, with commissions paid to the real estate agents. The Coleman family trust has made good investments in Palm Beach real estate.

It has a low per capita income

In the early 20th century, the blacks were forced out of Palm Beach. The city’s black population then settled in the area around 15th Street and the Florida East Coast Railway, and west of U.S. 1. As the black population grew, they began to relocate to Coleman Park. This was a former pineapple farm, and many black professionals settled there. Residents would walk up and down Tamarind Avenue to get to Lincoln Park, where they could watch football.

According to NeighborhoodScout, the median real estate price in Coleman Park is $246,018, making it less expensive than 68.1% of other Florida neighborhoods and 57.6% of U.S. neighborhoods. The median rent in Coleman Park is $1,425, lower than 83.4% of other cities in Florida. The median age of residents is 40. For those who prefer a lower median income, Coleman Park may be a good fit for them.

It has a large number of vacant apartments

A recent U.S. census study found that 23 percent of households in Coleman Park do not own vehicles. Most live more than half a mile from the closest supermarket. The Housing Center of the Palm Beaches, an umbrella organization that includes nonprofit organizations like Baobab Inc., hopes to eliminate food deserts in the region. Its goal is to create a community where people can buy healthy foods and have access to them. Continue reading about Palm Beach, FL


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